Fabolous Reportedly Punched Emily B In The Face Seven Times, Court Documents State

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Emily B Vows Not to Talk About Fabolous on New Show ‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’

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Relationships. Emily B. has been in relationships with Fabulous and Danny Wisker. Emily B. has had an encounter with Fat Joe (). About. Emily B. is a 37 year old American Make-Up Artist. Born Emily Bustamante on 10th February, in New York City, New .

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Fabolous Pleads Not Guilty To Beating Up Emily B

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Fabolous and Emily B have been making headlines after the former allegedly assaulted the latter and got himself arrested for it. While you may be familiar with the rapper, you might not know too.

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Fabolous & Emily B Spotted Together After He Was Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Her. Fab and Emily B. seem to be getting close again Several weeks ago the rapper was arrested for alleged domestic violence against his girlfriend/ baby mama Emily B.

Share this article Share He allegedly ended up punching her in the face, ‘causing severe damage to her two front teeth’. The alleged attack led her to lose her two front teeth, court documents report. Fabolous is said to have walked in on the operation, and confronted Emily, her father, and brother. The handguns had reportedly been removed by then. EmilyB apparently disabled her Instagram account on Friday But then Fabolous allegedly threatened Emily, her father, and brother that ‘he had a bullet for them’ when he was unable to find the guns, according to court documents.

The video posted by TMZ appears to be the same confrontation described in court documents and was taken Wednesday at Fabolous and Emily’s home in Engelwood, New Jersey. Fabolous’ attorney Alberto Ebanks told the website of the video, ‘This is only an argument. There certainly is no crime being committed.

Fabolous & Emily B Got Married?!

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Emily B. and Fabolous have been dating since They had 2 children, Johan (10) and Jonas (3). About. Emily B. is a 37 year old American TV Personality. Born on 10th February, in New York City, New York, United States, she is famous for Fabolous baby mama. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Fabolous is a 40 year old American Rapper. Born John Davis Jackson on 18th November, in Brooklyn, .

More Your browser does not support iframes. Fabolous has been arrested for allegedly striking his ex-girlfriend Emily Bustamante. The rapper real name John David Jackson was arrested Wednesday night for aggravated assault and making terroristic threats, TMZ reports. Multiple sources, connected to the couple as well as in law enforcement, tell the media outlet that Bustamante, known as “Emily B.

The sources add that Fabolous turned himself in to New Jersey authorities Wednesday evening. He apparently did not spend time in jail but was cited and given a ticket for a future court appearance.

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Fabolous recently ended up getting into it with his longtime girlfriend Emily B. She says that he hit her. Now, the rapper has been arrested.

Fabolous talked about why he wasn’t ready to marry girlfriend & baby mama Emily B in a revealing interview and we’ve got the video.

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Fabolous and Emily B Welcome Second Child!

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The rumor is that Emily found out Fabolous had a secret baby in Atlanta and was paying the woman hush money. I don’t how true this is but that’s word on the street. Now today I was just minding my own business up late scrolling on IG and tea tenders reported that Emily B has been styling French Montana for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour and started getting pretty close to Mase.

The two women were asked about two incidents of specific relationship drama and dysfunction like Emily B. See what both women had to say about these women and their own relationships below. Evelyn on Emily B. It took me time to leave. And with my domestic violence incident, I left because the world knew my secret. When it comes to Khloe [Kardashian] she just had a baby. Obviously, probably not on that scale but hurt is hurt and pain is pain. We wish them the best. Every relationship is different.

Fabolous & Emily B Split

Fabolous currently faces four felony charges in relation to a domestic violence case involving Emily B, his longtime partner, TMZ reports. The charges stem from an incident captured on camera from earlier this year. In the disturbing video the rapper is seen having a verbal altercation with Emily B and her father while a third man stands as a barricade between them in the driveway of their home.

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ASCAP Awards: Fabolous Talks Emily B and Miguel Tells Madame

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