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In order to shop on this Web store, you must have cookies enabled. For instructions on how to enable cookies, please see the help section of your browser. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page. For those looking for a super fast spooling turbo that Replace that common to break afc line, with a braided line that will never break again. Kit utilizes the BHAF air filter, and smooth 4″ exhaust tubing. Allow your 1st gen Cummins to breath! This is largely due to the new compressor wheel design. Also features Borg Warner’s new upgraded degree thrust bearing and comes with a high flow 68mm turbine Cooler egt and more throttle response, allow for a better overall running engine.

S-10 V8 (LS, LT) Custom Wiring

For the past week there has been a new engine speed dependent whine. Anyway, last night I get home and my remote won’t lock the car, so I have to manually lock it. I thought that the battery finally died. The lights didn’t flash to indicate it was locked, and the locking pin didn’t make it’s sound. I didn’t think much of it because this was only the second time in history that I’ve ever locked my car manually, and I forgot what it was supposed to do.

So this morning I go to start it and there is no electrical activity at all.

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Body paint is factory without a ding. Overdrive ON – The torque converter clutch cycles on and off at speeds between 40 to 50 miles per hour. The transmission feels like it is shifting, but it is not. The converter clutch is engaging and disengaging. This occurs in 4th gear. The problem typically disappears at speed above 50 mph. The clutch will disengage below 40 mph and stay disengaged.

Overdrive OFF – The torque converter clutch cycles on and off at speeds between 30 to 40 miles per hour. This occurs in 3rd gear. The problem typically disappears at speed above 40 mph.

My tach is reading double

Seat track travel 7. The innovative front seat included a folding combination “business center” and armrest with space for a laptop computer, a portable cellular telephone, cassette tapes, and miscellaneous items. The instrument panel included the following convenience features: An open storage box was above the glove compartment. A rubber mat with a lip at the front edge prevented objects from sliding out and dampens noise from objects inside.

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View Photo Gallery While being completely electronically controlled makes the Allison a modern technological marvel able to adapt to your current driving style and provide utmost comfort, it often hampers its abilities to perform in the aftermarket. The Allison’s adaptive learning technology can actually work against it in the performance-oriented world because the transmission tuning tells it to expect stock torque values.

According to Allison, “The transmission controls have been highly integrated with Duramax diesel engines in GM pickups. Part of this integration is that the TCM has a map of each engine’s torque output throughout its operating rpm. During most range shifts, there is more power available than necessary to maintain acceleration. The unused engine power traditionally goes into slipping clutches and results in additional heat without adding to vehicle performance.

The net result is optimized shift quality as well as reduced clutch energy.

Back to Basics: Dodge 12 Valve

Oct 19, , This is particularly nice as it makes getting a smog check much faster and easier for you and the smog technician. Swapping into 95 and older trucks: If you have a 3. Some people leave the battery and just use an open cone filter which I don’t like because it’s right above the manifold.

Aug 30,  · I have two 1st Gen () diesel trucks. On one I have an Isspro Tach with a mag pick-up I installed on the flywheel hsng. I also located the tach lead under the dash for the O. E. M. accessory tach, which I’m told by my dealer, has not been available for years.

Early Dodge Cummins Tach. FWIW, here are a few pictures of the factory supplied tach wiring harness used in the Dodge that I have and there is not a PCM installed on the fender. Under the dash there is what looks like an intermediate adapter cable between the under hood tach cable and the cable that leads to the tach head. I believe it may be there to pick up voltage from the wiring harness to the tach head and probably not much more.

Too wet outside to continue any further. The tach wire comes through the grommet in the firewall bottom right corner and into the back side of the plug at the center right in the picture. The opposite end of this plug which is facing you is the tach connection. I had assumed this was where the power switched leads were but instead they are attached to the same side where the sensor is connected.

Those power switched leads are the red- orange- and black. The tach leads are just to the right coming out of what looks like a piece of plastic tubing and drop out of view in the lower right corner of the picture. There is no PCM in this truck.

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Wanting to avoid post installation hassles with this thing, I did a bench test on the unit. Set the unit’s switches, hooked it up to a 12 volt power supply, and applied a 12 volt square wave from a Tektronix pulse generator. When the frequency of the generator was It works, and the calibration is right! Both were close enough.

Little did I know

B7 Boost EGT Fuel PSI Gauges + Triple Pod for Dodge Ram 1st Gen Cummins (Fits: Dodge W) All mounting hardware required for a pillar pod setup is included. Our car specific gauge pods will comfortably fit 2 1 16 gauges while our selection of universal pillar pods include both 52mm and 60mm pillar pod gauges sizes.

Would make it easier to hook them up. IWantATurbo that would be a great big help!!!!! Looking up the diagrams too: D IWantATurbo , Their sole purpose is to reduce cold-start emissions. What little heat they might provide to the intake air is quickly over-ridden by the vast amount of current-draw on the battery s , at a time when they need current the most. If anything, they start better in cold weather without them.

IIIFFF you can get it to fire without the heaters it runs like the motor is going to jump right out of the thing for at least 30 seconds or more. This can’t be good as opposed to firing it up under the same conditions, but using the heaters and it just purrs.:

1995-97 Dodge Ram Pickup Stereo Wiring

Share We started out with this project by following the primal call that comes from within us to get back to the simple and reliable days of the Cummins valve engine. The valve Cummins, officially known as the 6BT, is a legend in its own right. Its rock solid design is from an age when a diesel engine was a true diesel. This engine was originally designed for Case tractors and then adopted for use in a variety of commercial applications.

This early Cummins engine is ultra reliable. The 6BT is all mechanical, meaning that it doesn’t require any electronics to function or run.

Apr 12,  · 1st Gen Cummins Tach Hook Up! Sa Best Free Dating Sites! I hook up vs hang out believe it may be there to pick up voltage from 1st gen cummins tach hook up the wiring harness to the tach head and probably not much more.

Share Let’s face it. Deep inside all of us, there’s a little something that calls to us. It’s a practical and simple yearning to simplify and get back to basics. It’s this same inner gravity that makes us want to spend time in the wilderness, hunt animals, whittle a stick and use our hands to build things. The same force also makes us want to own a valve Cummins.

The valve Cummins, officially the Cummins 6BT, is the engine at the bottom of the family tree of diesel engines at least in pickup trucks. Its simple, straightforward design is a symbol of reliability, solid engineering and tractor-style torque. The engine was originally manufactured for use in Case tractors, before it was stuffed into the engine compartment of the Dodge Ram in Back then the engine came packed with hp and lb-ft.

Why does the 6BT bring inner peace? None of those new-fangled semi-conductors on this engine. Just iron, steel and aluminum. It’s pretty cool that this engine is self-sufficient enough to run on its own.

ISSPRO Tachometer Sensor Kit

Whether you’re towing a stock trailer or racing down the quarter mile, having the ability to monitor vital engine statistics is extremely crucial. We also carry mounting systems from Autometer to ensure your gauges have a factory looking installation. Just remember, no matter what, you can never have too many gauges. Read More On all diesel trucks, having the ability to monitor exhaust gas temperature is critical, so having a good pyrometer is a must.

All pyrometer EGT gauges come complete with gauge, wiring, and thermocouple for drilling into the exhaust stream. For owners of automatic transmission trucks, having a gauge to properly monitor transmission oil temperature is a great idea.

Dec 30,  · Can anyone help me to hook up a tach to a 12V (1st gen.) cummins? The motor is in a “85”, 4×4, Dodge, and I would like to have a tach to go along with my other guages.

Local rad shops want to customize my rad, move inlet and outlet, and they want for a full custom with a electric fan Not much choice there. I think I paid 45 bucks to have my lower neck rotated and they cleaned and rodded the core. Did you use the temp sending unit that was on the cummins and if you did does it work with the jeeps gauge or did you use the jeep temp sending unit?

There are plenty of places on the cummins to put the jeep sending unit though. You can tap into a cap, put it on the themostat neck there is a few places there or make a adapter to put it were the stock cummins temp sensor is.

How Does A Tachometer Work On A Diesel

Grand total cost me approx. I first posted this as a post-build thread, but now it’s an on-going progress thread Nasty before well, after the initial engine swap, my standards have improved a bit since engine bay pic These adapter plates DID however move the engine forward approx.

Aug 23,  · Has anyone hooked up a tach on 1st gen cummins, interested in installing a tach.

This is the correct taller style design, exact for all 67 models but can be used on any bird you choose. Features OE style green markings, numbering, and lettering. Pontiac text logo on the background. Each tachometer is manufactured with a tightly sealed case to keep moisture out which means less corrosion of internal parts and long lasting dependability.

Correct Pontiac lettering for an authentic look. Not for use with original harness. Use harness supplied with part. It works with all factory hood tachs and new reproduction hood tachs. In the past all hood tachs hooked up directly to the fuse box except for which hooked up to the dash light harness and you were able to control the brightness, but in they changed it so the hood tach is on bright at all times and at night it made the hood tach so bright, you had a hard time reading the numbers.

This option keeps the lamp on minimally to reduce condensation but allows dimming of the lamps. This kit consists of a plug in module that connects under the dash to the original harness, and instructions. Fits all Firebird and Trans Am models. Exact fit for all 68 models. Features chrome bezel trim just like factory originals.

How To Solve All Your Wiring Issues On A 1st Gen. Dodge Ram Cummins

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